07 November, 2015


Flecks of spittle fling from my lip.
Every blink smears a foggy sheen on tired retinas, receding ever more reluctantly.
Ninety minutes in and sodden feelings begin to seep through cape, jacket, skin. Finding reddened flesh.

I look at nothing but see much, flitting past in peripherals. Damp fields, the drip from a hawthorn branch gliding downwards, impossibly slow, as I slither past. 
Profiles of faces in cars, warmer than mind but pale, lifeless. Bleak.

A gnawing permeates taut muscles, ancient pains twinge in a knee from seasons past. Core temperature drops, as do shoulders, and I know I have at best a handful of miles left in me. Welcome back.
                                    I'm home.

26 May, 2015

A new leaf

For those readers that haven't already guessed, this blog has petered out for various reasons. I left France, and my bike, in August last year and since have met a fabulous girl, travelled the Caribbean for months, arrived in the US, bought a scooter and road-tripped my way across America to Canada. 

It's been crazy silly fun, and still is! I'm still on the road and Aby and I have started writing about it. We hope to entertain and mostly inspire others to do what they want in life, even if it's scary and frowned upon by others to drop the unwanted things in their life. I quit cycling and left a life which I was building to pursue adventure, with no real plans and not loads of money. I have NEVER regretted it for a second! So follow those passions and do what you feel is right, not what you think is right. 

Passion led me to the bike and it has led me to other things for the time being. I hope you find this new blog fun. For now, peace out...