12 December, 2011

I want you back for good

“Whatever I said, whatever I did, I didn't mean it.”

Inspired by unquestionably the best boy band of my generation (Take That obviously!) and my deep love for puns, I’m writing this post.

You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone, and when this is mobility trust me, you miss it. I have attended the gym a few times this winter to strengthen my ‘core’, whatever that means exactly. I quickly realised I have very little back strength so proceeded to do some heavy weights, like any rational person would of course. The net result is that I can’t really bend at the waist any more. Or support weight on my left leg. This has made cycling (and general motion) a bit of a challenge.

I knew I’d done a little bit of damage last week at the gym. I was doing my third set of dead-lifts when I got a rather unpleasant spasm in the lower lumbar region of my back. I made my first good decision (possibly ever) to stay away from the gym for a while to let it settle down. That was the end of that gym session, and I’m currently being led to believe, the beginning of the end of my mobile life.

Things were okay for a couple of days until Saturday when I was walking up some innocuous enough stairs and decided, “Heck I’m gonna take this to another level!” so I started taking them two at a time. Woah, I’m badass.

This turned out to be a pretty colossal mistake. Three leaps later and I received another one of those lovely spasms which left me slumped against the side of the stairwell, clinging onto the handrail for dear life and looking increasingly like a smack head. 

Unfortunately things haven’t got much better in the last few days. I had a massage on Sunday from Neil and it’s improving slowly I think. We’ll have to see if I can get out on the bike tomorrow. I must hobble up to bed now. Wish me luck with the stairs!

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