23 December, 2011

Some ideas for extra training

It’s the winter months which means it’s time to get the woolly bottoms out and wave goodbye to the idea of ever getting any sunshine on your bare flesh other than your face. Racing seems like a lifetime away so, inspired by countless magazines out there promising the earth, here are my ideas to keep boredom at bay and get you fitter quicker (probably).

      ‘The rollercoaster’.
A personal fave of mine: Whilst doing a period of faster paced riding find a nice rolling road which takes a sudden and dramatic downward turn in the final minute or so of your effort, preferably in a 30 or even 20mph zone. At this point, nearing the end of your effort, you’ll be thoroughly jaded and delirious enough to continue trying to maintain the chosen power output down the hill (resulting in nigh on break-neck speed). With any luck an innocence bystander will saunter across the road in front of you resulting in a giant leap in your heart rate. Extra training!

Ignore all calls for bike maintenance.
Who’s got time to clean a bike? Not you or I: We’re too busy training! That creaking noise produced by your disintegrating chain: that’s using energy. That dramatic wobble in your rear wheel from the several broken spokes: requires more power for forward propulsion. That corroded headset which forces you to cling to the bars for dear life at all times: that’s a core workout. Those brakes that never truly release: just think, you’ll be flying when you get on your race bike in Spring! I rest my case.

Here I am leading by example

Pump your tyres up once at the start of winter.
Then destroy the track pump – simple yet effective. If your tyres go a little soft, who cares? You certainly won’t be! You’ll be putting in more effort than your training partners, and you’ll have to be agile as a ninja to avoid any road debris with your super soft treads otherwise you’ll be blowing out nonstop, thus topping up your road handling skills all winter. Going round any kind of corner will also train you in the art of make or break (your neck). Who needs to ride ‘cross for bike handling skills when you’re training on 25psi?

Soft tyre, hard man

Good luck future champs!

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