27 April, 2012

House Cru

Gus: The legend truly precedes him.
He took on the King of the ocean, aged ten on a brief swim,
Most people left the water, chose to play in the sandpit,
But he said “I’ve got lengths to do shark boy, so can it!”

Apples: Fruity by name and nature.
A good boy to the core, works the girls, ain’t no hater.
Addicted to the Facebook, he doles out drunken slaps,
I might have punched him in the face but he’s a jolly good chap!

Kinch: The daddy of the family.
He’s smashed a lot of women and has also had a three-
some, with two women. That’s the cool kind.
He’s a dealer of the ‘ting’ but we don’t mind.

Hunt: The bike mechanic extraordinaire.
Hacking cables with a saw the guy just doesn’t care.
At robbing cars and smashing windows he is one of the best,
But at the moment it’s just jerseys and a Prendas under-vest.

Yetman: Just don’t mention his head!
He’s an adequate human being with whom I share a bed.
I mean he’s top bunk and I’m bottom, ‘cause we’re totally not gay,
But his erotic physique is second to none it’s fair to say. (What?)

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