13 August, 2012

Cramping in training and other funsies

A team 4-5: Not as good as a 1-2.

I got fourth in a Kermis race, which isn't quite as good as it sounds when I could have really won it. I had a sudden absence of faith in my sprint and decided to attack (which failed horribly) when I should have sat fourth wheel and then done a good sprint. Oh well.

Man multi-tasking: proof

I popped back for a great weekend with Emily, then came back refreshed. I did another Kermis race, as these are becoming the backbone of our racing calendar now all the big tours are done for the year. It had sprints aplenty, which led to a mental criterium style race and I did a few too many big efforts early on and had not much left at the end. I won three primes which is always nice for the wallet! But three sprints per race seems to be my limit, and my finishing effort was awful (5th out of 6 in the break, doh!).

I'm a huge deal in Belgium now.

I'm pretty happy with how these races have been going really. I've been going into them tired and sore from training as it's all systems go for the National Time Trial coming up, and that's my priority. Provided I don't overcook it at this stage I'm hoping to do well. Tomorrow I've got a Pro Kermis, so having done some intervals today (sob) I'm planning on sitting in like a boss tomorrow.

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