10 December, 2012

Tenerife - A sunny summary!

Another gorgeous sunrise.

Today was my last big day of riding; I’ll probably do a little spin tomorrow to enjoy the scenery a bit more rather than whizz through it. I’m a little bit sad to be going too. I’ve become very accustomed to the simple life now after only a week here and I’m thinking I might struggle a bit re-integrating into society! My life has consisted of getting up, eating breakfast, drinking coffee, cycling, eating lunch, napping, eating second lunch, drinking tea, eating dinner, having a beer, eating cake, going to bed. I’m not convinced there’s much more that I want in life!

Up in the clouds - chilling on the volcano.

I’ve really enjoyed staying here at the Refugio Plantacion Tenerife with Rich, Chris and Tosh as it’s so relaxed, and the weather is renowned for being good. It’s been warm every day and the only thing I’ve had to consider when going out riding is how much food to take and if I need a gilet to keep warm on the mountain descents. The scenery is breathtaking and surprisingly varied depending on where you ride to. I love being able to ride from sea level up to the top of El Teide, 2200m up: it’s just astounding!

The pad.

Today we headed out with the Rapha guys and a few others and had a good ride around and back over Masca, a climb which is a bit grippy. They also showed us a great little café where we got whopper sized ‘café con leches’ for cheap which I of course loved, being a whopper. I’m looking forward to getting back to England to continue building my shed (I’ll post a snap soon) and of course seeing the lovely girl! I’m not really looking forward to the twenty degree drop in temperature though, gah!

Forest fire destruction. And fluffy clouds!

"It's all downhill from here".

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