14 January, 2013

Note to self: What I would tell the me of Yesteryear

On a long ride the other day I was thinking about what I learnt last season. It's always important to try and progress from past experiences and mistakes so here's my attempt. Hopefully I can take my own advice this season and be the better for it.

1) Don't roll up your shorts another inch, they're pretty high as it is and that extra inch is just too far!

2) Plan a mid season break now. You're going to crack mid season; you know you are because you always do, so make sure you've got something good to look forward to.

3) Don't bother taking a training bike, loads of clothes and other junk with you.You'll immediately break the bike and never bother to fix it and when not in lycra you'll resort to wearing awful holey undervests and boxers anyway!

4) Before every race be prepared to hit the deck, get ready for it. There's no point in being scared of it because it's going to happen, may as well be blasé!

5) Sleep more. Eat more. Stretch more.

6) Take lots of books to read and try and get some time to yourself as this might slow the rate of mental decline.

7) If in doubt take a pack lunch; motorway services are rubbish!

8) You're racing in Belgium. BELGIUM. You will need to buy a rain cape. (This will still apply this year because I'm certain Bretagne is just as wet as Belgium!)

9) Facebook is not a hobby so stop scrolling down endlessly and do something useful you bum.


  1. I heard that Reading is amazing for mid-season breaks...

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