12 February, 2013

Bad decisions and carpet burn

So I raced Perf Pedal RR on Sunday and got very wet and cold indeed. I cannot say I enjoyed it all that much. My biggest regret is taking my waterproof off before the start, nooooo! Here is me shivering and looking pretty miserable.

Picture courtesy of SportivePhoto

The picture below shows the moment when Marcin launched his winning attack, miiiiiles out may I add. I did give chase for a bit but then thought better of it muttering something along the lines of "He'll get dragged back..." I was so wrong. The rest of the race was a convincing whitewash by UK Youth with them getting 1-6 in the standings which is pretty impressive! I was tenth.

I'm writing this blog from my sweet new crib in France! I got the overnight ferry on Monday, arriving in on Tuesday morning feeling quite stiff, and with some carpet burn going on. I did my best to sleep on the ferry floor but spent over an hour of the night trying to block out the awful awful words of a flirtatious drunken man... (not to me may I add!)

"Let me say something..... I REALLY like you"
        "It's not your looks I'm into, it's your personality. You've got a beautiful personality!"
    "If I asked you, would you marry me?"

                            "I REALLY want to see you again. Do you know what love is? I'll explain..."

Good God. Oh and when I say sweet new crib what I mean is; from a mobile home in the garden of the very kind Mills family. Our apartment isn't available yet. Still, I'm alive and it's about eight degrees here so pretty pleasant compared to England.

I'll keep you in the loop people!

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