28 March, 2013

Grand Prix Super U

Getting ready for the race and it's two degrees,
So I cram on the layers to avoid the freeze.
Looking like the whopper of the peloton,
With my leg-warmers, hat and a thermal on.
But the sun comes out just before the depart,
And my choice in clothes soon begins to smart.
All the other guys it seems are laughing now!
At least I've got my baggy sleeves to mop my brow.

Spin spin, tailwind,
Guys attacking downhill like they're going for the win.
Smashing it full gas and it's coming to nada,
There's 100k to go guys, you're not Cancellara!

The finishing circuits have climbs a-plenty,
I do my best to stay put in the top twenty.
In the sprint for the line I've a lot to be desired,
And glancing around all the faces I see are tired.
So I roll off the front and do my best to get ahead.
Hitting the final climb now, the legs are completely dead.
I remind myself I'm a climber and stamp those pedals,
The break is just up the road but this is no day for medals.
Twenty metres is all I have, and all I need,
Over the top and to the line I try and hold my speed, it's over.


[And first 2nd category rider, hence the podium]

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