18 March, 2013

I'm back in the game!

It was my first race back after illness yesterday, Fleche Locmine, and I'm pleased with how it went. After a wheel change in the neutralised section of the race I was on my way, and the legs felt pretty good. No breakaways stuck until the finishing circuit over 100km in, so I just milled about in the peloton. Unfortunately I managed to miss the break when it did go, and then the counter attack too - what a dummy! And that was race over really with everyone managing to follow me but not work with me it was impossible to get across. I'm pretty happy with my 69th position though after a week off the bike and no racing in two weeks.

I even got a bit of a sun tan/wind-burn

A special mention has to go out to my teammate Sam Allen who was so sneaky getting into the breakaway that not even the team director realised, and he managed it with a bad stomach too! Fellow Brit George Moore also did an epic ride to attack across to the break and get 9th; I saw it from a distance, it was cool.

In other news I think it's time to get the mop shorn. It's not quite at this stage yet...

... But I think it's having a reverse Samson effect and sapping my strength. And conditioner is SO expensive! I've got a stage race this weekend, woo! I'll try and give you some details beforehand. Peace out.

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