11 June, 2013

The National 25

There was a young man from Surrey,
Who cycled about in a hurry,
He went to the race but was minutes off the pace,
So he treated himself to a curry!

Shamelessly robbed off Cycling Weekly's website.

I had an absolute mare on Sunday and was weak like baby. It was disappointing and I couldn't work out what went wrong for a long time - until today. I woke up bleary eyed and with a sore throat, so at least I can stop racking my brains. Priority one is getting well again and from there I've got to plan where my season is going to go.

With every setback I learn more about my body, and how fragile I seem to be. I'm looking to the future now,  the bigger picture and not putting pressure on myself for the time being. I'll probably steer clear of the knee-high socks for a while! Peace out for now troops.

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