24 January, 2014

Alors, je suis arrivé!

Après un petit moment de panique, (comme d'habitude chez moi), j'ai fini ma valise mercredi.

Cela fait bizarre de préparer des affaires pour neuf mois... Est-ce vraiment nécessaire ? Quel temps fait-il en France ? (La meme - pluie!!)

Mais fini ce moment de panique, après un voyage en train, et moins d'une heure de vol, je suis arrivé à Nantes

Enough of that for now! I’m here, same weather different country, but everyone’s speaking another language! It’s all been pretty exciting from the off. The journey was super-duper for various reasons, not least because I got some serious attention from someone in the Pret queue (he wasn’t my type though, ha!). Getting picked up from the station by the Directeur in the team car is always good for morale.

(Where I live is a pretty rock 'n' roll housing estate).

Then getting given a SACK load of kit is another seriously cool perk.

My cheeky Greek housemate (Pol) is good value for money too!

The apartment is pretty sweet and as I arrived just before Pol I got the pick of the rooms (went for purple, obviously).
"Well you look like a BLUEBERRY!" Yeah, I went there.

I went for a meeting today (work has been crazy, you know: conference calls, networking, synergy meetings…) in an arty part of Nantes, although I didn’t have time to get many snaps (the boss is always on my back!!).

Quite cool, innit. 
These are old boat-building buildings. I will definitely go back for a closer look.

On a final, yet vital, note: NEWS FLASH – Nutella definitely tastes different in France! (Not that I’d know, I’m an athlete… *Sir, put the spoon DOWN!*

PS. It's a team training extravaganza this weekend so I'll report back on that soon!


  1. 'Go on my son!'

    'Allez, enfoire!'

    Take yer pick.

    Either way, stay healthy and be lucky.

    1. Thanks Kenny! Will give you something good to write about soon.

  2. NICE ONE DOUGIE! Glad your happy with your digs,we wish you well for the coming season & "GOOD LUCK".From John Rayner.

    1. Thanks John, really appreciate it! I had three frogs ask me about the Dave Rayner stickers on my helmet today, so I'm spreading the good word!!