13 January, 2014


Howdie folks! So the big competition is over *sigh* but this can only mean one thing... Some lucky little trooper is going to get some free stuff! Great success!!

Contestant's answers ranged from 50 hours in the three months training to 814 hours, the latter of which boils down to nearly 68 hours per week. That is, frankly, a terrifying thought!!

And so the answer issss.... 200 hours and 20 minutes.

Not really a crazy amount, but trust me, none of it has been junk miles! In that time I burnt 168.8 Mega Joules of energy (does that sound about right?), my average heart-rate was 136bpm, and my average cadence was 91rpm. (If any of that means anything??!)

The grand prize goes to Summer Davidson so congratulations Summer, and the goodies are in the post courtesy of High5 Nutrition!

Thanks to everyone for entering, I really enjoyed doing this little giveaway. I will have to find some more good stuff to share around!

I hope everyone is enjoying the epic puddles all over Britain at the moment and even, dare I say it, the occasional glimmer of Spring! I've been pretty busy recently training, breaking my bike (standard) and preparing to travel to France in less than two weeks (OMG) but I'll be back and posting nonsense soon enough. I'm certain you've all missed it.

Ride safe all.

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