03 May, 2014

Je t'ai manqué?

I bet you're wondering where I've been for the past three weeks, ey!
What's that? 
...You didn't notice?

Ah. This is awkward.

Well let me answer the question (that you never asked), anyway. Reading back on my previous post the fact that I've been fatigued is hardly cryptic. I am, still, a delicate petal, like last year and the year before and I've pushed it too far.

In the end what my body needed was time away from the bike so I took a short (*cough* nine day) break and then gently eased myself back into it. Basing your life around one sole activity means that when you can't do that thing it can be... 'Emotionally turbulent'. I can be volatile at the best of times and I'm a self confessed endorphin addict, so the last few weeks have been difficult.

Still, I like to think I've dealt with it in some pretty normal ways, like anyone would really.

I bought a book with blank pages...

Then wrote words in them.

I made loads of new friends (see what I did there?).

I filled my head with long words, like 'developing' and 'Inqilabi'.

(And bought some olive oil which is too hot for me to handle! Hello new bookend).

Luckily I felt like a cyclist again today. Finally!
I'm racing tomorrow. It will go well, otherwise who knows what I'll write about next!



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