06 January, 2012

A week in snappy snaps

 Here are some random pictures portraying pretty much every aspect of my life. It's groundbreaking stuff.

Wearing oversocks! Clean shoes are cool kids. Oh yeah and I usually do some training once I've got the kit on too.
Making random compilations of food, usually with good stuff in though! This particular day I think it was macaroni and cheese with bacon, peas and salmon(?) on the side. Standard meal right? 
Playing with my sister's dog Alfie. He's completely insane and has an attention span of between three and five seconds, so we get along great!
Getting stuff from High5 - this was a great day. It was like Christmas all over again, but this time I got  a load of caffeinated powders. Thanks to Raph and Jack from High5 for being heroes.

Spending too much time staring at the O Symetric rings and thinking how cool they look when you spin the cranks. I'm not really into bikes but they are pretty mental to watch.
Drinking coffee out of various highly mature mugs. This should probably be top of my list as I do it at the start of every day; not addicted though!  http://douglasdewey.blogspot.com/2011/12/im-not-addicted-i-just-cant-live.html  

Ahhh, the fridge. One of my favourite haunts of an evening. I dread to think how much time I spend just staring into it, usually wishing I'd bought some dessert. Other areas of interest to me are the bread bin and my food cupboard.

Battling the never ending stream of stinky lycra outfits is hard work but it has to be done. Subsequently my bedroom spends 90% of the time looking like a launderette, with stuff hanging on every available space. 
Spending time on a turbo trainer has been a bi-weekly thing of late. My coach says it's making me stronger but I'm not sure he's taking into account the serious psychological damage that's being wreaked. That's definitely sweat on my face. Not tears.

Drinking far too much energy and recovery drink. I have perhaps one day a week when I don't have one. Thank goodness they taste good.

Fitting as much food as possible onto a plate. This picture really doesn't do the meal justice as it was a ridiculous portion of stir-fry and actually filled me up, a rare feat. I also take up this challenge of mega-fillage in the morning with my cereal bowl. It doesn't usually go as well though because I haven't had coffee yet and so tend to leave a trail of oats and milk on my walk from the kitchen to the chair. 

Spending more time on a turbo, doing some sweating, loving life. This is immediately followed by a thorough mopping of the area and then a long sit down in the shower.

So there you have it. The fascinating ins and outs of being a full time, unpaid, unemployed cyclist. I bet you never thought it was this glamourous!

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  1. You've still got that really shit jam that I bought! And you cut your curls off :(