09 January, 2012

Reading review!

I recently read David Millar's book, 'Racing Through The Dark' and it was pretty awesome stuff. I finished it within a week which is the fastest that I've ever finished a book that has more than five words per page.

The plot is autobiographical and describes Millar growing up, discovering his love for road cycling and ultimately pursuing his goal to become a professional. For those who may not know, Millar is a convicted doper and reborn anti-doping activist, and this is covered in the book through various heart wrenching and  soul destroying recounts of his moral demise at the tender age of twenty four. Anyone who judges David Millar before they've read this book is ignorant and uninformed. The book makes it clear that doping is not a black and white issue like some think it is. 

The reason the book is such a good read is not only because it's a fascinating story; Millar is also a very eloquent and considered writer. His accounts of different situations and his relationships with people, particularly his sister France, are absolutely captivating. I would recommend this book to anyone whether a cyclist, a fan or neither. There is a lot to be learnt from this book.

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