13 January, 2012

What a day

Today's ride was the stuff of dreams, or any cyclist's dreams at least. It didn't feel like training; it felt like art. Every time I stood up on the pedals I was instantly at ease, dancing out a rhythm of perfect harmony with the bike, waltzing up the climbs. It was unreal.

I felt nothing. It was like I was floating over the road being taken through the countryside by my bike, like a cycling version of Knight Rider. The first hour went by like a snap of the fingers. I couldn't remember where I’d been, or imagine where I was going. I could just feel the smooth circles I was pedalling. Between a hundred and a hundred and five revolutions per minute, tapping along, felt ideal to me. In the wake of some horrid turbo sessions and high cadence work riding on the road takes on a much more pure feel. You ride at a cadence that feels good over varying terrain and as long as you hit the numbers everyone’s happy. I’m old enough now to appreciate that right this second I am the fittest I've ever been. I know it’s only temporary but often the best things are.

It was everything I love about the sport: the simplicity. Just me and my bike. I had my cereal bars, my three bottles, the right clothing. Everything was perfect. After years of training in all weathers, at all times of the day I’d got it spot on. I found countless new roads around Hampshire, all astoundingly empty of cars and I seemed to see more birds and squirrels than people.

Only after two and a half hours did I register any effect of the ride in my legs. I was finding the longest descents I could and going down them just so that I could turn around at the bottom and climb back up. All this just didn't make sense; the day after a double day and a mere fifteen hours after a horrendous three part turbo session. The human body never ceases to amaze me. If you fuel it correctly, study it and understand it you can achieve unbelievable results.

Clearly the ludicrous amounts of stir fry on a bed of mash (a classic no?) did me well last night. I hope everyone gets out and has a great ride this weekend, and if you’re not a cyclist just get out and enjoy yourself!

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