18 March, 2012

Broken thread

According to Bjarne Riis you have to screw a bolt too tight ten times before you know what the limit is (from ‘Overcoming’ which is a must watch). According to Rolf Aldag; “You go out… for seven hours, seven hours, seven hours. It’s raining- it might snow. I think suffering in cycling is basically the key to success.”

I think I took their sentiments to heart a bit, because I’ve threaded the bolt again. I seem to do this every now and then, usually when I get over excited and am going really well so I keep pushing and pushing. There are limits to what you can do to yourself and the stronger you get the greater those limits are: but they still exist.

I knew about four days ago that I didn’t feel quite right within myself, and to prove myself right I’ve contracted full blown man flu. It’s a shame because I was looking forward to doing the interclub today and seeing how I fare at a slightly lower level. Still I’ve managed to fill my time really constructively whilst being off the bike in the last few days. We went shopping yesterday and now have a shelf each with our own personal treats on. Mine’s the top shelf (I do love my canned goods).

I picked up this rather dodgy looking coffee too which was damn cheap, and as I sip it now seems to taste alright, although my taste is fairly minimal due to the streaming-nose-man-flu-itis. 

I also stumbled on these ridiculously cheap pancakes which are immense! So yes, you are correct; I’ve basically just been eating and drinking (coffee mind!) for the last two days. God I can’t wait to get out on the bike again.

PS. How incredible was the finale of Milan Sanremo!

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