16 March, 2012

Rack o’ ribs

I’ve been feeling a bit knackered over the last few days and it could be a number of different things. We moved into our actual proper house on Tuesday which was great! We’d been crashing at the manager’s house for the past three weeks so to actually be able to unpack our suitcases was pretty good. I had my 23rd birthday on Wednesday which was hilariously tame in the end; we got some beers in and then planned to head to the local town for some dancing. It turns out that Belgium doesn’t have any taxis (not sure how people get anywhere on nights out?) and once we got to Zottegem it was deadddd anyway. We did stumble across a very promising little local which was rammed, but swiftly got shot down when we realised it was a private party.

Trying in vain to get in the break of the day at Deinze Ieper

The last week or so has been quite a full on period of racing and training and it’s worn me down a bit. I went really deep in the race on Sunday for no real result, which is always irritating, and then went straight into a tough few days of training. It’s strangely nice feeling like this though because it means that all I have to do is rest a bit and I’ll come through it. I’ve got faith in the training I’ve done so there’s no need to panic. I am getting a bit bored of struggling with the stairs every morning though. I feel like I’ve aged fifty years every time I have to traverse the two flights down to my bike.

The second time up the Kemmelberg, just after I'd nearly hit a parked car and ended up out the back.

I’ve got an interclub this weekend called Mol, so I’ll see if I can freshen up before then. The plan is to sit in and try something constructive at the end, rather than breaking myself early on to no avail, but don’t tell anyone!

People getting swept up off the road after a crash just short of the line. 

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