16 April, 2012

Back on top

On Saturday it was my first race back after a few weeks of taking it easy. I was determined to sit in for once and actually save myself for the best sprint I could manage at the end of the race. It turned out that the race was rather more hilly than usual and had a 1.5km climb in it, which made it quite hard to save the legs up there. I had a worrying bodily message before the start of the race when I went for a pee and realised that I was dehydrated; what a schoolboy error!

Phil minding Josh in Bruges.

Naturally, despite being a canny fellow for most of the race, I still started cramping with 40km to go and had to ride ‘gently gently’ and roll onto the wheels. In the sprint I ended up going stupidly early (350m) because a gap opened on the right and I didn’t want to get boxed in, so I switched all the guys behind me (it’s the Belgian way) and did it! I got a good gap but when I hit the uphill bit and my speed reduced to about 20kph with 50m to go a few (about 21) guys came round me.

Aside from the riding (cycling this, bikes that!) I’ve got my friend Phil visiting this weekend which is great fun. We saw the sights of Brussels on Saturday night, and minced around Bruges on Sunday like the annoying English tourists we are so it’s been nice to have some relative normality. I’ll be building up the training again this week before a bigger race on Sunday in Affligem. I’m looking forward to getting back into the routine. Peace out people.

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