24 April, 2013

The amazing disappearance of all the photos

Today I did over five hours, so this post is going to be succinct as I am relatively dehydrated and reasonably rouged. When I set off in the morning it was overcast and grey; two hours later it was 25 degrees and anything but, so I proceeded to sweat litres (in my winter tights) and get sun-burnt on my arms after ditching (literally) my longsleeve top. Anyway, it was a good ride in the end.

Last Sunday I did my first race back after my little heel injury hiccup and it was awesome to be back cruising in the bunch. Long story short I was third, having had my hands a little tied with my teammate up the road in a two-up breakaway. Unfortunately he was beaten in the sprint: cue the most unhappy looking podium goers in a while...

The reason for the title today is that we were up on stage for about fifteen minutes posing for photos in various sponsorship pleasing ways, which is a long time even for the French! And yet, I've only located two photos. C'est incroyable! I've got a few smaller races this weekend but I'm training through them as there's an Elite National stage race the weekend after, which is much more important. Not much to report other than that, and the fact that I went in the sea yesterday and by god it was cold!

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